Manhattan, December 22, 2012


Just any other day, right? Three days from Christmas. Shoppers scurrying around Times Square like an army of ants, clutching their bags of presents, smiles upon their faces.

Reporters at every corner, reporting on the Christmas shopping season and the “End of the World” party that had been held in the area the night before.

End of the World Party? Yeah, you know, Mayan Calendar and all that. Was big news back then, most people laughing at the thought that some ancient calendar was going to foretell the end of the world on a specific date thousands of years in the future.

Well, turns out they were both right and wrong. The world didn’t end on December 21, 2012, but, boy, did things change the day after…

As I recall, it was actually kind of pleasant that day, sunny, temperatures in the 30s, no wind. That changed in almost an instant as the storm appeared.


Dark clouds moving in fast? Little bit unusual in good ‘ole NYC? Sure, but it’s happened before. No one really paid attention until the twisting beams of golden energy began to shoot across the sky. Writhing like the bodies of snakes the beams pulsed with a power that made your hair stand up on end.

As the beams lit up the darkened, stormy sky the ground began to rumble and buildings began to collapse, almost as if the old world were shedding its skin to prepare for the “new” world.

In the midst of the chaos and destruction there was the sound of thunder rippling across the sky and then the world as we knew it changed forever….


…Andresta had come to her new domain!

Reality Collision

M mbanner Kasheera the_frumious_jabberwock